Customer Reviews


AutoNation has been working with ARC Broward Electronics Recycling Services (Arc Tech) for the past few years, and we couldn't be more pleased with the services they provide us. We are committed to Arc Broward's mission to provide opportunities for people with disabilities and other life challenges to realize their full potential.

–Mike Jackson, Chairman, CEO and President, AutoNation 


I was very concerned with the disposal of the electronic equipment in my facility as I saw quite a bit of it being thrown out with the trash that would eventually end up in the landfills.  I knew there had to be a more environmentally responsible manner in which to dispose of these unwanted electronics. During my research, I came across Arc Broward.  I liked Arc's mission statement and purpose and how they help the community. I highly recommend Arc as it is an easy process and the benefits the community reaps are unsurpassed.

–Malena Vareles, DHL