Our Mission

Unlike most other IT Asset Disposal companies, Arc Tech is a nonprofit organization that provides training
and employment opportunities to individuals with disabilities. People
with disabilities fully participate in
many aspects of our operation from processing and sorting electronics to dismantling computers, to testing monitors and more.

The business was founded as a “mission-based enterprise” of Arc Broward, a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing services to more than 1,400 children and adults with disabilities. The mission-based enterprise concept embraces efforts that Arc Broward has made to operate a revenue-generating business that advances its social mission.


The revenue generated through recycling services goes directly towards supporting additional job training opportunities for youth and adults with disabilities as they begin to transform their lives and build new futures. To learn more about Arc Broward and its life-changing programs and services, click here.

When you partner with Arc Tech, you are helping to provide job training and employment services to individuals with disabilities or other barriers to employment.