Environmental, Health and Safety Policy

Arc Tech continuously strives to improve our activities, products and services to meet the industry’s quality environmental, health and safety standards. We are committed to the protection of the environment by providing solutions based on an end-of-life hierarchy of reuse, recovery, and disposal for responsible management strategies of electronic waste. We are committed to the secure processing of electronic waste throughout the recycling chain and conducting downstream due diligence for all materials of concern (focus materials). We diligently comply with all applicable compliance obligations to which we subscribe.

Arc Tech understands the important issues that affect our operation, either positively or negatively.  We are dedicated to evaluating internal and external issues such as environmental conditions; external political, legal, regulatory, financial, technological, economic and other circumstances; and internal conditions such as strategic direction, culture, capabilities, resources, etc. Our understanding of this context facilitates our implementation and continual improvement of the environmental, health & safety management system.

Arc Tech is committed to the continual improvement of our quality, environmental, health and safety management system to enhance environmental performance indicators. We use a plan, do, check, act (PDCA) cycle and regularly monitor and measure our activities products and services; cultivate a work environment focused on quality, environmental, health and safety commitments; implement environmental and other objectives and targets geared to improve operations; and welcome the suggestions of employees, visitors, and customers.  In the event of nonconformities, accidents, or incidents, our management system has response and corrective programs to minimize the impact to operations and prevent reoccurrence in the future.

Arc Tech provides adequate resources of support to implement, maintain, and improve our quality, environmental, health and safety policy and corresponding management system. We are committed to the health and safety of our operations via the prevention of injury and illness, appropriate training and supervision, and the availability and use of appropriate controls to minimize risk for all employees, visitors, and customers.

Arc Tech conducts business in observance of all applicable laws and regulations, in observance of all contractual agreements with customers, and in compliance with other obligations accepted by management.  Our quality, environmental, health and safety policy and corresponding management system applies to all persons doing work under its control. 

Revised 11/15/16