Data Security

If your company is considering liquidating, consolidating or upgrading technology, it’s time to consider how you will destroy sensitive business data. When data security is not handled with the care it deserves, it can lead to tarnished reputation and liability.Regardless of whether your industry is subject to stringent privacy laws and regulatory requirements, you cannot afford to risk sensitive information falling into the wrong hands. Even worse, a lapse in data security can cost a company millions. 

At Arc Tech, our clients have entrusted us with their critical data, and we have rigorous checks in place to ensure that all storage media we process complies with strict data destruction guidelines.

Protection of your data is our number one priority when engaging in hard drive sanitization and the disposal of other electronic equipment containing sensitive information. We also know that data security best practices encompass far more than just erasing or destroying hard drives; they must be integrated into the entire IT asset disposal process.

We continuously evaluate our data security procedures and have never experienced a data security breach in our long history in the industry.


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