Our Team

Meet the wonderful folks that make up the Arc Tech Team!


Julie Price, COO

Julie Price is a big city wannabe and self-proclaimed foodie.  Her diverse talents started at a young age and bloomed a bit more while enrolled at Florida State University. 

After FSU, Julie returned to her home at Arc Broward where she was given the opportunity to work with talented professionals and implement big ideas that helped shape the person she is today and the services that Arc Broward provides to the community.  As it relates to Arc Broward’s work as a leader in the social enterprise field, Julie believes that “Good visionaries are intuitive, creative and strategic.  This is what drives our change and sets us apart.”

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Tomas Leon, Director

Leader of the pack, Tomas Leon, is all about spending quality time with his family.  In his spare time, he manages his championship fantasy football team, The Mambo Kings, and maintains a sweet looking saltwater reef tank that he affectionately refers to as “Leon’s Reef”.  Influenced by his Cuban heritage, Tomas is all things salsa - he’s not only a mean salsa dancer but he can also throw down a delicious bowl of homemade salsa.

After proudly serving our country in the U.S. Army, Tomas worked at United Parcel Service, DHL, and Delivery Specialists Inc.  At these fine places, he fine-tuned his logistics and business development skills.  Tomas believes that these experiences taught him about the benefits of being passionate and positive in all that you do.  His high energy and vision make him a natural leader as we evolve and grow to be leaders in the IT Asset Recovery field.  

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Arlene Anzalone, Office Manager

Self-proclaimed “mother” of the team, Arlene is a people person who spends much of her free time with her family and friends while also taking care of her parents and crazy Havanese dog.  She’s not really limited to just keeping our front office functions organized, she’s also responsible for hosting intimate yet elaborate holiday dinners for 70 family members.  
Arlene’s made a few twists and turns working in accounting and payroll positions in several corporate settings and in her family owned Big Irv’s Farmers Market where she was known to drive a mean forklift!  Besides Arc Broward, her favorite job was managing budgets for several Muppets Inc. productions including “Fraggle Rock” and “Sesame Street”.  

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David Guzman, IT Asset Disposal Representative

Avid outdoorsman, David Guzman, is a mountain biker and camper whose adventurous spirit is contagious.  He’s loved around the workplace for his positive attitude, disposition and warm smile.  Even at the young age of nine, his fun loving attitude earned him the honors of being elected the mascot of the Ice Den in Caracas, Venezuela.

David has spent his career following his passion in sales so it serves us well that he is our Asset Disposal Representative.  Within the past few years, has taken a keen interest in e-commerce sales and has ventured out to become an eBay instructor, in his spare time.  He gets excited to help entrepreneurs create, organize, and run their online businesses.  He feels strongly that his prior work experience has given him insight into how to build a strong relationships with others.  David works hard to know what our customers want and to offer them high quality products which he believes are the keys to attracting and maintaining valued customers.

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